The enterprise was established on November 17, 1993. Then it was called scientific production enterprise «Belpromstroy». After 8 years, on 6 February 2001, the company received a new name - LLC «Belpromstroy». Our enterprise is the founder of subsidiaries «BPS-Group», «BPS-Alliance» and «Belpart Alliance.» LLC «Belpromstroy» is the owner of «Shlyahetski maentak» restaurant.

The company employs about 120 people. Each of them is a professional in the industry, who not only knows his job, but is also able to work quickly, accurately and consistently.

At the stage of formation, the main activities became transportation and trade - sales of spare parts. From 2002 to 2005, the company was engaged in re-equipment of semi-trailers: elongated, produced boards, frames, tents and so on. Since 2003 the second, equally important, stage in the development started: the enterprise got a land plot. By that time, the company had grown, steadily gained a niche in the Belarusian market, and there was a need to take the next step in the development - LLC «Belpromstroy» was engaged in construction and rental of warehouses and offices. A little later the list of completed facilities included logistics centers also. First it built B wharehouses, and recently, LLC «Belpromstroy» builds A logistics centers. In total for this time it has built more than 15 various large facilities.

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